Sunny's Plea

Hi Everyone,My daughter wrote this email and asked me to help her send it out.Please take the time to read it. She worked very hard to write it because English is her second language. We live in Germany. I was very shocked and moved at how angry she is about global warming.
Thank you for your time, Kelly Harris:

My name is Sunny. I'm 9 1/2 years old. I want to tell you now something so you can help make the world better. I'm still going to be here when the earth is broken. When I'm big I'll never have a boyfriend or kids cause then where I live a big wave might come and kill my family. If I was president I would arrest everybody that drives a car and cuts down trees. I think the big people are little dummies. They CAN go to the president, but I'm just a kid. The president and the politicians wouldn't even listen to me cause they think I'm too small and don't know anything about the world.I think it's not fair that I'm the one that's going to be there when the world is exploding. It's not fair. I'm not driving a car. I shut the lights off to save energy. I'm turning the water off when I brush my teeth and all that. If you guys don't want that your kids or someone else in your family are in the situation I'm going to be in, then please forward this email or write your own and do these 10 things to save us kids:
1. Use alternative fuels (http://www.greasecar.com)/ or if that doesn't work then at least don't drive your car so much. Use a bike to go places, walk, carpool or take trains.2. Change a regular light bulb to the kind that doesnt use so much energy(CFL).3. Turn the heat down in the winter. In the summer, don't use air conditioning, drink something cold, take a cool foot bath, or use a handheld fan. 4. Don't use so much hot water. You can take a quick shower instead of a big hot bath. 5. Turn off electric stuff like T.V.'s and cd players when your not using them anymore. 6. Unplug electric stuff from the wall when your not using them. Even if they are off but plugged in, you still use power.7. Just use the dishwasher for full loads and turn it on that it doesnt take one hour or something like that. 8. Buy recycled paper. You shouldn't cut down trees for toilet paper.Plant more trees and plants.9. Recycle at home and work. 10.Do something about Global warming and go to: http://www.climatecrisis.net/,www.epa.gov/climatechange/, www.unep.org/themes/climatechange/,http://www.stopglobalwarming.org/.

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